Happy Mother’s Day Yesterday



How are you getting along?


Is Ikeshita try to challenge in English today (*‘∀‘)


Yesterday was the second Sunday of May, meaning that it is Mother’s day.

Or everyone has to do something ?


I was present the Carnation and cake every year.



With feeling of gratitude that can not be communicated usually.


The wedding is also the same important day

to be transmitted the feelings of such gratitude.


Family ‘ll of course also convey the feeling of gratitude to the guests at a wedding.


We look forward to the day that support for the big day

to convey the feeling of gratitude can be .


Was Ikeshita work hard so as to be active on the World Wide


 Next month June 19 is Father’s Day.

(あっ。来月6月19日はFather’s Day ~父の日~ですよ(*’ω’*))

Don’t forget!!


To be continued …